Ant Simulator business partners say allegations against them are comple

first_imgYesterday, we told you about an unusual situation involving a now cancelled crowdfunded game called Ant Simulator. Eric Tereshinski, who is the game’s creator, posted a video where he explained that the reason for the game’s cancellation was due to his business partners wasting all of the company’s funds on restaurants and exotic dancers. The story made the rounds across the internet with most being sympathetic to Tereshinski’s plight.Speaking to Game Informer today, Tereshinski’s business partners have revealed their side of the story. Tyler Monce and Devon Staley, who helped create ETeeski LLC along with Tereshinski, claim that what is being said about them is “completely false” and that they didn’t wrongly spend company funds in the way they’re being accused of.“I don’t know why he’s painting that picture, but the reality is that anything that was spent in a bar or restaurant was very reasonable in nature when you look at any business, including video game companies,” said Staley. “It was part of our operating budget, it’s not anything that was excessive. It was all reported to the IRS. The picture he’s painting about that is 100 percent bull****.”The pair claims that they had no chance to do anything wrong with the money since the company’s books were open and Tereshinki had access to all of the financial data. Supposedly, after Thanksgiving, Tereshinski decided to cut his ties with the company and closed the firm’s business accounts without consulting with his partners beforehand.“He took control of everything,” Monce said. “He took control of not only all the company’s physical property, our bank accounts, our social media accounts, our website (which he changed to just our faces for some unknown reason), that was all him. This all started to take place right after the game started to get really popular late in the summer. My personal theory is that he wanted to take it all for himself and cut us out of it. We made it clear that we weren’t going to let him do that, because we had a moral and legal right not to.”In his video, Tereshinski made it seem as if he was the only person actively developing the game. However, Monce and Staley claim that ETeeski was composed of nine or ten independent contractors who helped develop the title along with Tereshinski. These folks worked on various things like models, rigging, environmental art, and human art.“We paid all those contractors, as well,” Monce said. “He’s making this claim that we spent all this money on expensive entertainment, and that’s completely false. We paid all these people who worked for us.”This messy situation seems to have gotten even more complicated with two contradictory stories going around. At this point, it is hard to say who is telling the truth, but it’s clear that one side isn’t being completely honest about what really happened, we just don’t know which side that is.Monce and Staley plan to pursue legal action against Tereshinski. Make sure to read the rest of the story in the link provided above. We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.last_img read more