ASA Member Answers Questions on Modern Ag in Live QA

first_imgJenny Rohrich, ASA member from North Dakota, answered questions about modern agriculture on Reddit on June 22.One of the American Soybean Association’s (ASA) goals is to expand our reach and engage with consumers and audiences we may not usually interact with—which is why on this week one ASA member ventured somewhere we haven’t been before.ASA’s Jenny Rohrich participated in a live Q&A online through Reddit, answering a wide variety of questions about modern agriculture, with topics ranging from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), weed and pest control, to life in her now home state of North Dakota.Reddit is a social news website that contains hundreds of different forums called sub-reddits, tailored to specific interests and themes. One of the largest with 3 million users is the “IamA…Ask Me Anything” otherwise known as “AMA” where users can run a live question and answer session.During her AMA, Jenny started by introducing herself: “I am a farmer’s wife from North Dakota. On our third generation farm, we grow wheat, corn, soybeans and sunflowers—Ask Me Anything.” From here she spent a couple of hours answering more than 20 questions that came her way.This was a great opportunity to spread the message of modern agriculture on a new platform where we engaged with people who may have never seen a farm or met a real farmer.If you missed Jenny’s session, click here to read!last_img read more