Turkuaz Brings The Heat On A Chilly Night In Buffalo

first_imgOn the coldest autumn night of the year in Western NY, Turkuaz put on a heater of a show at the Buffalo Iron Works on Tuesday night. While some Buffalo Sabres fans trickled in from the home game next door at the KeyBank Center, most of the capacity crowd was there for the Powerfunk 9-piece that continues to build a following throughout the Empire State.The self-proclaimed “Gulf Coast Soul” 8-piece, The Suffers, opened for Turkuaz and delighted incoming listeners to a short and sweet set. Turkuaz hit the stage at 10:01 and after a thunderous welcome from the crowd, they launched into “Percy Thrills, The Moondog” off 2015’s Digitonium. “Nightswimming” kept the Digitonium theme going with its Herbie Hancock-esque synth groove produced by Craig Brodhead. “If I Ever Fall Asleep” broke the Digitonium thread, but allowed the Western NY crowd to appreciate a newly written tune. Sammi Garett and Shira Elias showed off their talent by way of choreographed dance moves and strong vocals as Brodhead destroyed a face-melting guitar solo.Twenty minutes into the show and the group was completely locked in. Their very first song from their very first album, “The Mountain,” provided room for the band to cool down as they literally froze in unison mid-way though the tune. Taylor Shell was quick to get the place rocking again with an icebreaking bass solo that shook the rafters before diving into “Future 86” from the 2014 album with the same name. Dave Brandwein got funky on lead guitar and vocals while Brodhead channeled Bernie Worrell on synth during “Make You Famous” which led to another recent debut, “One and Lonely”. Taking a sonic trip to France, “Chatte Lunatique” brought out some more of the 9-piece synchronized dance moves. “Chatte” sounds like the direct descendent of Morris Day and the Time’s “The Bird” from the mid-80s funk rock era which used a strong bassline with catchy, yet simple, lyrics and dance moves. It is no secret that Prince’s longtime friend and collaborator, Morris Day, has superhuman powers when it comes to composing funk rhythms, and the modern day Turkuaz is quickly learning the ways of the funk Jedi that have come before them.Garett’s standout vocals in “Rule the World” are complimented nicely with a beast of a saxophone solo from Greg Sanderson. “On the Run” is yet another newly written tune that has gained popularity just as quickly as tracks on their LP releases. Produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads lore, this danceable and provocative track is sure to light up disco balls throughout the US whenever performed live. “On the Run” was segued into an oldie but goodie, “20 Dollar Bill,” which gave Chris Brouwers time to seduce the audience by way of trumpet. While this track has evolved since being introduced in 2011, the big brass section has always been a staple. “Snap Your Fingers” is the Turkuaz your mom talks about at wine parties: a familiar call-and-response that gets people on their feet without the Rated “R” drum and bassline that creeps its way into so many of their nastier grooves.“Holy Ghost” left jaws on the floor as the capacity crowd realized that the brass section can sing too. Joshua Schwartz soulfully moves back and forth from saxophone to vocals during this James Brown-inspired piece. Brandwein let the fellas know he was ready to get up and do his thing and tore into a raunchy guitar solo that would please any disciple of the Godfather of Soul. “European Festivity Nightmare” is one of the darker tracks off Digitonium and proves that their evolving sound has depth beyond the dance. “Digital Love” is the silky baby-making track off the 2015 release. Garett and Elias kicked off the sexy lyrics accompanied by perfectly timed dance moves which lead Brandwein to use his vocals more like an instrumental wingman. “The Generator” served as the final slice of the late set Digitonium trifecta to the overwhelming satisfaction of the audience.The Turkuaz momentum was at an all-time high during the first cover of the evening, “Don’t Do It” by The Band. It doesn’t get more classic rock than this iconic cover and the 9-piece did it more than justice. Brandwein’s vocals echoed Levon Helm’s giving way to Brodhead’s bluesy guitar solo which mirrored Robbie Robertson’s ferociousness. “Coast to Coast” closed out the epic set and gave Sanderson’s sax one more chance to glisten. An extra-long encore was in order as nobody was ready to go out into the cold. The one-two punch of “Monkey Fingers” and “Bubba Slide” left the ravenous crowd thirsty for more, but the venue’s curfew suggested a different outcome.On this brisk Tuesday night, Buffalonians caught the Powerfunk fever that developed a short seven-hour drive away on the other side of New York State. Brooklyn’s Turkuaz is reimagining and reconstructing grooves from the past 40 years and having fun doing it. The renaissance of modern funk is upon us and it is spreading like wildfire throughout the country, one weekday dance party at a time.Don’t miss Turkuaz on Saturday night at Brooklyn Steel! Tickets available here.SETLIST: Turkuaz | Buffalo Iron Works | 11/7/17Percy Thrills, The Moondog, Nightswimming, If I Ever Fall Asleep, The Mountain, Future 86, Make You Famous, One and Lonely, Chatte Lunatique> Rule the World, One the Run> 20 Dollar Bill, Snap Your Fingers, Holy Ghost, EFN, Digital Love, The Generator, Don’t Do It*, Coast to CoastE: Monkey Fingers, Bubba Slide*The Band cover[Cover photo courtesy of Bill McAlaine, from 9/30/17 in Denver]last_img read more

Emotion-Led Marketing: Why a brand exists beyond the products and services it sells.

first_imgWhen marketers talk to customers, a lot of effort goes into the details of features and pricing. Emotion-led marketing is the idea that generating an emotional connection with your brand will yield longer term loyalty and profits.This holiday season, several companies have debuted commercials that as People puts it “make you feel all the feels.” But, if this approach is so great then why doesn’t everybody do it all year-round?The truth is that triangulating specific psychological attributes that construct value in the customer’s mind is demanding. There are organizational insights and brand identity challenges that need to be solved first.I’ve had the opportunity to broach this subject from many hats: as a product developer, operations and brand manager, among others in 13+ years at Dell and Alienware.I have been witness to successful shifts towards more focus on purpose and emotional-led marketing. In every implementation, I saw challenges: attributing marketing efforts to results, a balanced approach of promotion/emotion and having clarity on the reason for being.  Brands that truly connect with customers tend to behave like expert conversationalists.Here are three major challenges and recommendations for shaping brands at the emotional-level in 2016-2017.Challenge 1: Attribution – the culture of “hit the goals now,” or, the preconceived notion that marketers need to focus on pricing, otherwise it will not convert into sales.As brand manager, I delivered training to sales teams on new products being launched. Here is feedback I found contradictory at first.“We can read what the specs and prices are, but you’re not telling us what Dell is about, what our angle is or who the customer is.”“Why are we talking about colors and feelings?”Recommendation: Value map your features vs. customer needs in plain language.In the end it was not a contradiction. Ben Franklin was reputed to be a polite and engaging communicator, never making people feel “less than” and taking genuine interest in their passions. The sales and local marketing teams wanted a clear context of our identity so they could have those “Ben Franklin” conversations with the customers. It is important to create a brand and customer pocketbook with the full context of your customer, focusing on benefits rather than features and customers use cases instead of specifications.Challenge 2: From promotion to emotion, or, internal benefits I want.Pinning down psychological values as perceived by the customer is complicated. Attributes like quality, peace of mind, motivation, accomplishment, reliability, variety, innovation and wellness are just a few of the many values and emotions that companies like Bain, Mckinsey, Forrester and CEB track regularly. These customer values should be leveraged and monitored regularly. Identifying the right values helps unify work efforts.Recommendation – Develop data centric customer focus by building an insights engine.Just like in a polite conversation, listening is a fundamental to being relevant and beneficial. Conducting research, deriving insights and synthesizing conclusions is a form of corporate listening. Sometimes entrepreneurs intuitively know their customers and at the beginning don’t need a data-driven approach to understanding what their audience wants. This was the case during my tenure with early days Alienware – we inherently understood and listened to our community; however, scaling and replicating over time required a more systemic approach. To do that in a product development role, we built an insights engine, gathering a 360-degree view of research, including business metrics, customer feedback, market-landscape and world trends.Challenge 3: Identity crisis – Clearly defining your brand promise and personality.Conveying and connecting with authenticity requires that a brand or marketer be clearly self-aware of what they stand for and how they are currently perceived. To be yourself, you need to know yourself and how you’re perceived. Simon Sinek said, “Companies and brands should be able to answer why. Why is not about making money. That’s a result. Why is the purpose, the core beliefs? It’s the very reason the organization exists.”In Dell’s manager Marketing Rotation Program, we go through a personal branding exercise that asks us to identify what is strong in us, what is expected of us and where we need to improve. The challenge lies in asking how you are perceived. This can produce tough feedback. Building an action plan to address this requires effort and is often de-prioritized by organizations.Recommendation – Develop a creed, not a slogan.In the XPS product team we worked on building a message that authentically reflected who we are and why we are in a way that inspires and aligns teams to our ultimate goal. The core team working on this realized the single most important output we needed was a creed, a sentence that could be articulated into visuals, designs and go-to-market plans. It took us six months of observing world trends, gathering research, listening to internal and external feedback and taking honest inventory of:What were we known for?What do we want to be known for?What is the industry standard?What is the investment and benefit on bridging the gap?We discovered strengths we were unaware of and found areas we needed to work on.It is an exciting time as authentic and deeply rooted brands are at a competitive advantage and can yield higher revenues and price premiums.Aim to derive a clear creed that aligns your internal teams more so than a fancy external tagline.Above all become a polite conversationalist by channeling your inner Ben Franklin.Talk about them not youListen more than you talkBe authenticlast_img read more

Biden faces scrutiny over reliance on executive orders

first_imgPresident Joe Biden and aides are showing touches of prickliness amid growing scrutiny of his reliance on executive orders in his first days in office.,The president in just over a week has already signed more than three dozen executive orders and directives aimed at addressing the coronavirus pandemic as well as a gamut of other issues, including environmental regulations, immigration policies and racial justice.,Biden has also sought to use the orders to erase foundational policy initiatives by former president Donald Trump.,Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says Biden’s reliance on executive action in the early going conflicts with the Democrat’s pledge as a candidate to be a consensus builder.last_img read more

Dillon Hall senator to resign prior to impeachment proceedings

first_imgSenior Michael Dugan, who serves as Dillon Hall’s senator, has resigned from his student government position effective 6 p.m. Thursday, at the start of the senate meeting scheduled to take place at the same time.(Editor’s Note: Dugan is a former News Writer and Systems Administrator at The Observer.)The decision to step down comes amid controversy sparked by a Letter to the Editor sent by Dillon officials — including Dugan — in which they criticized the delay to hear a piece of legislation that would prevent Student Union organizations from utilizing funds in companies that profit from prison labor.According to the Student Union Ethics Commission’s recommendation letter sent to Dugan, the Commission unanimously found him to be in violation of three expectations of ethical conduct, including showing “disregard for the authority of the Student Union,” injuring “the good name of the Student Union” and undertaking actions that are “deemed unbecoming by the Senate.”The closed door ethics allegation hearing took place Tuesday at 9:45 p.m. over Zoom.After reviewing such violations, the Ethics Commission moved to “unanimously recommend that a Bill of Impeachment be brought before the student senate,” according to a letter acquired by The Observer.The Ethics Commission is chaired by Judicial Council President, junior Matthew Bisner, and comprised of “randomly selected members” of Student Union organizations, according to the Judicial Council’s website. This academic year’s members include Thomas Davis, Student Union parliamentarian; Curt Gouldin, Hall President’s Council co-chair; Mariah Horvath, Junior Class Council; Koryn Isa, First-Year Class Council; Sara Kirsch, Breen-Phillips Hall senator; Kyle McAvoy, Sophomore Class Council; Kate McLauglin, Student Union Board; Ryan Mullin, Senior Class Council; and Nick Poole, Club Coordination Council.As stated in the Student Constitution, whenever the Ethics Commission finds a senator’s misconduct merits removal, a Bill of Impeachment is brought before the senate’s next meeting. A majority vote in this student government branch accounts for impeachment. If this is achieved, a hearing is subsequently conducted.Facing this situation, Dugan sent an email to the Judicial Council expressing his intention to resign at the start of Thursday’s meeting.“I believe that my fighting the [Bill of Impeachment] would be disrespectful to the time of the other members of the senate,” Dugan wrote in the email acquired by The Observer. “I believe, since these allegations have been brought against me in that capacity, that this would make the issue moot, and it would allow the senate to continue pursuing its agenda unimpeded by impeachment proceedings.” According to the email, Dugan “firmly disagrees” with the Ethics Commission’s recommendations and said that removal from office was unwarranted given the situation.Moreover, the senator expressed concerns about the consequences the decision could invoke within student government, particularly surrounding the lack of free speech protections in the Student Constitution.“The decision is sure to have a chilling effect on free speech, and other senators who wish to speak out and contest the actions of the Chair of Senate may find themselves backed into a corner,” Dugan wrote. “I strongly recommend that [a free speech] clause be added to the Constitution in the future, so as to limit sorts of liability for speaking truthfully in a manner that does not breach confidentiality requirements.”So, what happened in the Senate?During the Sept. 17 meeting, members of the senate discussed three different pieces of legislation: an order to make $10,000 available from the Student Union COVID-19 Response Financial Account, another order to suspend late-comer elections and an order proposing an amendment to the Constitution replacing the Executive Programming Board with the Executive Committee.According to emails obtained by The Observer, Dugan submitted a resolution entitled Order Amending the Constitution to Prohibit Student Union Investments in and Consumption of Forced and Prison Labor on Monday at 2:40 p.m. to be included in the senate agenda. Senior Sarah Galbenski, student body vice president and chairwoman of the senate, informed Dugan that his resolution would not be included in this week’s senate agenda because it was submitted after the Sunday evening deadline, and the meeting was already at capacity with three other orders to discuss and an additional presentation.Dugan pushed back in an email response urging Galbenski to reconsider.“I have a large concern about delaying this, as delaying this would continue to leave the Student Union without a concrete policy on profiting from forced labor and prison labor,” Dugan wrote in an email provided to the Observer. “I believe that this is a significant and weighty moral issue and that we have a moral obligation to swiftly take action to correct this.”He cited Article III, Section 4(g) of the Student Union Constitution which reads, “Any member of the Senate, non-voting or voting, shall possess the right of agenda.” Galbenski agreed with the significance of the issue in an email, but cited her right as chairwoman to “set the agenda in alignment with what constitutes efficient and effective operation of the Senate.”When asked for comment, Galbenski said she could only confirm Dugan’s resignation.Dugan, along with Dillon Hall representatives, then wrote a Letter to the Editor describing Dugan’s intent to include the Order Amending the Constitution to Prohibit Student Union Investments in and Consumption of Forced and Prison Labor in the agenda to no avail. The order was spearheaded by Dugan and Club Coordination Council President, senior Ricardo Pozas Garza.“Alas, this Thursday, the senate will not see this order for debate. Why? Because student body vice president Sarah Galbenski, who serves as the ex officio chair of the student senate, is refusing to allow the senate to hear this piece of legislation then,” Dugan wrote in the Letter to The Observer, titled, “Student government must not punt on addressing prison labor.”However, other student government officials — including senators, sophomores Grace Franco, Margaret Allen, Michael J. Murakami, Patrick O. Lee, Henry Jackson and Sara Kirsch, and class presidents, sophomore Renee Pierson and senior Sam Cannova — saw this as a direct affront to Galbenski, and sent a Letter to the Editor as well.“This letter, written by members of the Dillon Hall Council, was both misleading and inflammatory,” the officials wrote. “The senate attacks issues, not people.”“Today we, members of the student senate, want to set the record straight,” the letter said.The letter asserted Galbenski was not attempting to pick and choose bills to debate, rather, “the meeting was simply full,” something the student body vice president conveyed to Dugan in an email.Nevertheless, Dugan expressed that Galbenski’s justification of having the right “to set the agenda in alignment with what constitutes efficient and effective operation of the senate in [her] judgement,” as the senator wrote in the letter, was problematic.“This holding would allow for the student body vice president to simply deny debate time to any bill that she does not support, which fundamentally undermines the ability of the senate to be a free and open forum through which students can advance the position of the undergraduate student body on issues relevant to campus life,” the Dillon Hall Council members wrote.In response, the student government officials commended Dugan’s “passion for fostering a better community,” but wrote that the “personal attacks” on Galbenski were unwarranted. Moreover, they criticized the senator for singling out the vice president in a social media post uploaded to Instagram — an action which the Ethics Committee perceived as a violation.In the midst of such controversy, the officials called on the student body to listen to both sides of the debate before formulating personal opinions.“With this in mind, we as the student senate would like to encourage the student body to view the recording or peruse the minutes from last week’s senate meeting and form their own opinions about the situation with full context,” they wrote.After Dugan’s resignation is effective at 5:59:59 p.m. today, the office of Dillon Hall senator will be considered vacant.The Judicial Council will move to begin vacancy election procedures under Article XIV protocols, Bisner said in an email.Article XIV, Section 3(a) of the Student Union Constitution reads,  “In the event of a vacancy in an elected office due to resignation or recall, a new election shall be held within two academic weeks.”Editor’s Note: Notre Dame news editor Serena Zacharias and News Writer Maria Luisa Paul contributed to this report.Tags: impeachment, Judicial Council, Senate, Student governmentlast_img read more

Shining Path kidnaps children and forces them to fight Peruvian government

first_img Roger is not the only member of his family who has been victimized by the Shining Path. In the early 1990s, the Shining Path kidnapped his mother, Maria Robles, when she was just 8 years old. Shining Path operatives abducted her from the Emerald Valley region, where she was living with her parents. The Shining Path killed her parents, according to published reports. The Shining Path kept Robles in captivity. When she was 15, a Shining Path operative raped Robles, according to published reports. Robles became pregnant, and gave birth to Roger. Shining Path operatives separated Robles from Roger when the baby was only a few months old. Robles was forced to fight for the Shining Path, while members of the terrorist group raised Roger. In 2005, when Roger was about 11, Army soldiers raided a Shining Path camp in San Martin de Pangoa, Satipo. Soldiers rescued Robles. She was grateful to be liberated, but feared she would never see her son again. A teenage boy who was being held captive by the Shining Path recently escaped from a remote jungle area, where the Maoist terrorist group was indoctrinating him with its political ideas and training him to kill people. Roger Guevara, 17, had been held captive by the Shining Path since he was six months old. He was conducting surveillance for the terrorist group in the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM) in December 2013 when he walked away, according to published reports. Roger walked for two days until he got to Kepashiato. The teenager toiled as a farm worker for a month, saving his money. With the money he had saved, Guevara took a bus to Kiteni, and called the Army. Soldiers responded quickly and provided the teenager with protection, while Army investigators found his mother and reunited the two. A sad and complicated story Raised by the Shining Path The teenager’s story is far from unique. In recent years, the Shining Path has abducted hundreds and perhaps thousands of children and teenagers to train them as operatives, said Rafael Martínez Baldeón, a columnist who writes often about security issues for El Vocero Nacional, a newspaper in Ecuador. “This is one of the many cases of forced recruitment we have seen over the years by Shining Path, including an unknown number of children subjected to captivity in areas the terrorist organization calls ‘liberated zones,’” Martínez said. During his years in captivity, Roger was raised primarily by his mother’s sister, who he knew as “Comrade Vilma.” She is married to a Shining Path leader who is known as “Comrade Jose.” Shining Path operatives indoctrinated young Roger in communism and put him in training camps with other children, who are known as “apprentice fighters” and “little pioneers.” Shining Path operatives taught the children how to use firearms. Shining Path operatives raised Roger in different camps. Roger occasionally saw Martin Jorge Quispe Palomino, a Shining Path leader who is known as “Comrade Gabriel.” He also sometimes saw Comrade Gabriel’s brother, Victor, another Shining Path leader who is known as “Comrade Joseph.” Security forces killed Comrade Gabriel in August, 2013. “The Quispe Palomino brothers have been afraid of infiltrations in their ranks so they have been known for carefully breeding their own future combatants,” Martínez said. “They have encouraged other male insurgents to impregnate young women they have previously kidnapped for that purpose.” Comrade Joseph and Comrade Gabriel have been known for directing hit-and-run attacks. Before the killing of Comrade Gabriel, the two brothers commanded about 500 Shining Path fighters. In 2012, the two brothers directed the abduction of 36 construction workers who were toiling near natural gas fields. center_img Forced recruitment By Dialogo February 21, 2014 Communities at risk of kidnappings The Shining Path is kidnapping people throughout the VRAEM to force them to fight for the terrorist group, according to Martinez. “This story is just the tip of the iceberg of a major situation where entire communities in the VRAEM are facing the threat of being abducted to be forced into the Shining Path ranks,” Martinez said. The Shining Path is responsible for the killings of at least 10,000 indigenous Ashaninka people in the VRAEM, according to published reports. The Ashaninka live in the rainforests of Peru and Brazil. The Asháninka are the second largest indigenous group in Peru, the Quechua being the largest.last_img read more

NAFCU Annual Conference kicks off in Montreal

first_imgCredit union leaders from around the country have joined NAFCU staff for the association’s 48th Annual Conference and Solutions Expo, which begins today at the Palais de Congrés in Montreal.During the week, attendees will hear from NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz and, in a special “inside the agency” panel Friday, former agency Chairman Michael Fryzel and former Board Member Geoff Bacino. The keynote conference speakers are MasterCard General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer Tim Murphy, former U.S. Navy commander Mike Abrashoff, and TrendHunter.com founder and CEO Jeremy Gutsche.“This conference will provide all attendees critical industry information, valuable networking opportunities and new ways to help improve their bottom lines,” said NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger.Berger is slated today to lead a “Private Conversation” for attendees with NAFCU’s senior staff.Also today, there is an optional pre-conference workshop where credit union board and supervisory committee members will be able to earn the new NAFCU Certified Volunteer Expert certification. Registrants can attain this designation by passing an exam after completing the workshop. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Colton T releases “Everything & More” video.

first_img Tweet EntertainmentLocalNews Colton T releases “Everything & More” video. by: – March 28, 2012 142 Views   one comment Share Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Photo compliments: 365 MMPFans of Colton are being given a sneak peek into what could be deemed as the beginning of bigger and better things for their local Reggae/Dancehall artists.This Creative Photo Story Project which was put together by Colton T was photographed on Sunday at the Princess Margaret Hospital by 365, MMP.It was created to depict a scene which involves the artiste who was just released from the hospital and being taken care of by someone who means “Everything & More” to him.That role was played by Dominica’s Carnival Queen Miss Nadira Lando.Special thanks to the management of PMH, the Carnival Development Committee, 365 MMP, Promotions Manager Shermain Bique and everyone who made this release possible.The song was recorded in Gwallas Nation Studios & Mixed by Tige “Triggah” Magloire.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkkTbSwz7NE[/youtube]Press Releaselast_img read more

Ronaldo sunbathes shirtless at home as partner goes shopping

first_img Loading… It is hoped that the spread is limited as Rugani remained an unused substitute for Maurizio Sarri on the Juventus bench. Wearing light make-up, Georgina completed her look for the day by letting her raven locks fall loose down her shoulders. Ronaldo flew to his homeland to visit his mother, who recently suffered a stroke, before the news broke and he must stay put rather than fly back to northern Italy where the outbreak is at its most rampant.The Portuguese press plastered the story over their front pages with Quotidiano Sportivo and Abola both running headlines about Ronaldo being in quarantine. All sporting events in Italy have been cancelled until at least April 3 but Juventus are scheduled to face Lyon in the Champions League next Tuesday. That game is due to be played behind closed doors but is now widely expected to be postponed by UEFA. Rugani is the second professional footballer to test positive, with Hannover 96 defender Timo Hubers currently in quarantine. He took to Twitter and wrote: ‘You will have read the news and that’s why I want to reassure all those who are worrying about me, I’m fine. ‘I urge everyone to respect the rules, because this virus makes no distinctions! Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those around us.’ Contact: Ronaldo (left) and Daniele Rugani (circled) shared a dressing room on Sunday Read Also: Pogba makes coronavirus fund-raising pledge Ronaldo had flown back to Turin prior to the Juventus game having spent time with his mother in hospital following her stroke. Dolores Aveiro, 65, has since said she was fully aware of what was happening and the stroke left her with no long-term physical damage. Ronaldo came back from her bedside to play on Sunday before returning to Madeira when he was told of Rugani’s positive test and enforced isolation. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Cristiano Ronaldo was trying to make the most of his quarantine as he sunbathed shirtless on the balcony of his house in Funchal, Portugal on Monday. The footballer, 35, is self-isolating after his Juventus team-mate Daniele Rugani tested positive for COVID-19, however his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez did enjoy some retail therapy on Tuesday. Relaxation: Cristiano Ronaldo, 35, was trying to make the most of his quarantine as he sunbathed shirtless on the balcony of his house in Funchal, Portugal on Monday Ronaldo displayed his ripped and gym-honed physique as he soaked up the sun on his balcony, donning a pair of lime green shorts and dark sunglasses. While Ronaldo has been staying at home, his other half Georgina cut a stylish figure as she stepped out for a shopping trip. The model, 26, displayed her jaw-dropping figure in a black skintight long-sleeved dress which she wore with a beige handbag. Out and about: The footballer is self-isolating after his Juventus team-mate Daniele Rugani tested positive for COVID-19, however his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez did enjoy some retail therapy on Tuesday Wearing light make-up, Georgina completed her look for the day by letting her raven locks fall loose down her shoulders. Ronaldo flew to his homeland to visit his mother, who recently suffered a stroke, before the news broke and he must stay put rather than fly back to northern Italy where the outbreak is at its most rampant. Ronaldo and Rugani shared a dressing room on Sunday when Juventus beat Inter Milan 2-0 behind closed doors. Quarantine: Ronaldo flew to his homeland to visit his mother, who recently suffered a stroke, before the news broke and he must stay put rather than fly back to northern Italy A picture posted on Instagram by Miralem Pjanic after the game shows Ronaldo and Rugani celebrating the victory in a close huddle with their team-mates. Everyone who came into contact with Rugani on both sides has now required to be in isolation.center_img Promoted ContentWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?6 Extreme Facts About Hurricanes6 Of The Best 90s Shows That Need To Come Back ASAPTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The WorldThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldThe Funniest Prankster Grandma And Her GrandsonBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year11 Strange Facts About Your Favorite TV ShowsAir Pollution Is Rapidly Decreasing Thanks To COVID-19Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parkslast_img read more

Tafoya reigns at Idaho Falls Dirt Wars

first_imgIDAHO FALLS, Idaho (May 15) – Before Friday night, Regan Tafoya had never won an IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified feature in the State of Idaho, and he’d never won a feature in a torrential downpour.Now he’s done both.Tafoya led the all but the first circuit in the Dirt Wars main event at Idaho Falls Raceway shortened from 30 to 20 laps due to deteriorating visibility and track conditions. The $1,000 victory put him on the ballot for this September’s Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational.“I always thought Idaho Falls owed me one,” said Tafoya, after taking the checkers ahead of Jake Donnelly and Joey Price. “We went up there in 2003 to race for regional points and my steering wheel fell off while I was in the lead with three laps to go. I was able to go there and get redemption for a win I should have had in 2003.”Tafoya started on the pole but watched Don Baisch zoom ahead on the first lap Friday. He was back in front when the second lap was scored and managed to stay there despite the series of yellows that prevented him from building up any sizable lead.Travis Metz tried inside several times before hitting a slick spot in the track and falling off the pace. Donnelly kept up pursuit but ran out of laps.Rounding out the top five finishers were Brian Wordelman and Emery Wells.The victory was the fourth this season for Tafoya, who also counts career-first wins in Nevada and Utah so far in 2015.Jesse Baldwin was the $750 IMCA SportMod feature winner. Chuck Delp was second and Kenny Vollmer took third.The Saturday night program during Idaho Falls’ season-opening weekend was canceled.Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Regan Tafoya; 2. Jake Donnelly; 3. Joey Price; 4. Brian Wordelman; 5. Emery Wells; 6. Jason Donnelly; 7. Travis Metz; 8. Don Baisch; 9. Reed Payne; 10. Chris Clark; 11. Charlie Johnson; 12. Mike Yost; 13. Casey Delp; 14. K.C. Perez; 15. Bert Beech; 16. Tony Steward; 17. Blake Lyle; 18. Lonnie Timmons; 19. Corey Kortnum; 20. Ron Moser; 21. Rowene Kesler.SportMods – 1. Jesse Baldwin; 2. Chuck Delp; 3. Kenny Vollmer; 4. Allen Riley; 5. Dale Smith; 6. J.R.Flores; 7. Brock Aeschbacher; 8. Kendra Vollmer; 9. B.J. Haslam; 10. Colton Jackman; 11. Rich Mueller.last_img read more