Huang fish migratory season on Qinghai Lake on the first day of the Blitz attracted wonderful live

6 8, CCTV "on the Qinghai Lake" large migratory season Huangshui fish live program was officially launched on 10. The audience from all sides with helicopter aerial shot of the Qinghai Lake, the bird flew diving, wonderful picture of vitality, Huang fish migratory wonders once again set off a hot concern in all aspects.

is Gangcha county work Tang Xinxiu said, live a wonderful picture show line Buha River, hallgeir River and other places, let me stay at home and enjoy the magic of different landscape basin. Especially, in the Buha River on the river fish gull predation Huang fish spectacle, Huang fish kiss underwater shots of the moving moments, let us surprise. read more

North District Women’s Federation of many initiatives to solve problems for poor students

every time on the occasion of the school, there are always some poor families worry about their children’s tuition. These days, the women’s Federation of the North District people coming and going, every one of the women’s faces are filled with a happy smile, because they received the women’s Federation for them to fight for grants.

funded activities get poor students feel in all sectors of society and encourage their love, they have said: Study hard, do not live up to everyone’s love and hope, to study hard, to complete their studies, social return, return all the good people. Social caring people also said that they will continue to focus on and help these poor students, so that the relay of love continue to help children learn to achieve their dreams.
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